Photo Scrapbook Project - Wk 2

Yayyyyyy!! Happy half term everyone!!!

That’s what usually happens and maybe you are not jumping up and down from excitement like you would usually, but there is always a silver lining. I am, for once, not going to miss the pressure if my kids are learning enough. And although I love learning through activity, it’s 3 of them with completely different interests and abilities and I have felt deflated and forced into making it educational and fun in equal meassure. 

So, we collectively decided that we are on Easter holiday for next couple of weeks. This is an amazing opportunity to get crafty and leads me perfectly onto this week’s prompt.

I can make cool things...

We all love creating in different ways. For some, it’s arts & crafts, lego and others construction material to build a den in the garden or an obstacle course for your dog….

This project is about documenting all the fun things you did with your parents and sibling whilst being at home and taking photos is a simple way to preserve those memories.

You can take photos of your projects when finished or in the process and don’t forget to include all of your helpers in the photos (parents&siblings) and also ask them to take some photos of you in return.

Some of the things you may consider:

  • step by step recipe of your favourite meal/cake
  • build your own kite
  • drawing a board game with chalk on the pavement or create a new game to play
  • painting faces
  • building a train track in and out of the rooms
  • have you tried Google 3D animal yet? You must! It is lots of fun!
  • creating a basket with painted easter eggs or find a branch on your walks and hang empty egg shells decorated with other materials or create animals from them
  • for more crafty fingers, you can also make animals like chicks and lambs or colourful eggs from pom-poms…

There is so much you can do!

You can also make notes next to your photos or write a funny story that happened whilst making it or perhaps how you felt doing so.

Be creative with your photos and think of exciting angles and capturing the details.

I am sure there will be loads of things you will make throughout the rest of the project and feel free to add to your scrapbook as you go on! As we usually can’t keep all of our creations – our houses would feel quite full, therefore taking photos of them is the best next thing to remember them all!

Don’t know where to start? Have you painted a rainbow yet? Take a photo or paint another one in your scrapbook.

Did you know?

Walking towards or away from the subject is often better than zooming in or out. 

Avoid using the digital zoom whenever possible – this is where the camera zooms as far as the lens will go, which will result in grainy and pixelated images. This particularly applies to phone cameras.

If you can’t avoid zooming in, be extra careful to hold the camera steady!

You can tag me on social media as @PhotographybyPetra or use #creatingscrapbooktogether to share your creations.

The link to Week 1 is here.

Lots of love & creativity,

Petra x