Making your photoshoot an enjoyable and relaxing experience is what I do really, really well (there is the hard evidence in testimonials) and I believe that when you hire a photographer, it should be someone who you connect with and feel comfortable with and my hope it that you will see me as a friend through this experience.

During our session, whether it’s couple, maternity, newborn or family photography, I capture the everyday story that happens in the small moments, finding the beauty in the ordinary. As a mum of 3 I know, these are the moments that matter, the memories I’ll cherish forever.

“Life is not a matter of milestones, but of moments.” - Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy

I endeavor to record the fleeting details of babyhood, the fun and cheeky stage of childhood and the in-between tender, as well as laughter-filled family moments alongside it.

My focus is on authentic emotion, on the fun, the love but also the wonder – I will never ask you to smile (or worse, say cheese! I’d rather tell you a bad joke!). When you look at your photographs, I want you to remember how that hug with your partner felt, what made you laugh at that time and the fierce love you felt snuggling in with your child. And I want you to be so pleased that I was there to catch it.

Do i sound like your kind of gal?

I live in Leigh on Sea with my husband, 3 totally amazing and equally demanding little people and our old boy Bentley – our first fury baby who spends his days by my side, following me around the house.

My family and nature are the biggest inspirations in my life. I can’t think of anything more relaxing than sipping coffee in my garden, aimlessly walking and chatting away in the fields or woods with someone dear to me or just soaking up the warm sun on the beach with kids. Just don’t take me sunbathing – that’s just not my cuppa tea at all!

My absolute dream is to live somewhere rural and be self-sufficient but for now I try to be as eco friendly as I can, growing some veg in pots and teaching my little people that littering is totally not cool and hoping this sticks when they are teens!

A good comedy and good food would be my perfect date in. I used to think that I’d make an excellent actress because I can make myself cry on the spot, although it doesn’t take much to make me cry. I am the most empathetic person I know!

The kitchen really is the heart of our home (I just want it brought into this century). I love cooking and I can’t think of anything worse than eating the same food all the time. And nope! I’m not at all bothered with take-aways but I’d never turned down an opportunity for a meal out!

And I love art – especially I love how photography and film make me feel. Life can be crazy busy but when I look back on past times, I escape in to the moment and cherish the evidence with the biggest level of gratitude.

And I know those beautiful prints in our keepsake boxes will be part of our family heirloom that I’ll pass onto my children for sure.

my style

My style is very natural, letting-the-moment-to-unfold-kind-of-way but my assistance is always on hand, making the most of the time spent together. Throughout the photoshoot I encourage children and babies to be themselves, letting them be my inspiration behind the captures where their personalities shine through. It is important to me that your children are captured this way because I believe they are perfect just as they are. Whether in my studio, outdoors or in your home, the aim is creating images that you look and feel beautiful in natural, comfortable way.

My product line consists of a carefully curated selection of digital images and professionally printed photographs in photo boxes and wraps as part of each package.

What does a photograph mean to you?

Even though the digital age made it more accessible to take and store images, for me it’s the printed memories that I get to indulge the most in – who even has the time to scroll in endless galleries on the phone or laptop?