THE RIGHT IMAGE for your business

the right image for your business

I love working with ambitious business owners who are looking for creative, emotive, but flattering images that represent their brand perfectly  –
which in return enables them to market their business with confidence, professionalism and authenticity.

how much would you like to...

Stand out from the crowd?

Having your very own image library that identifies your values and working ethos, visually connecting you to your ideal client. To know YOU, to trust you, to buy from you. Feeling proud how your online home represents your personality…

Be visually consistent?

A great headshot helps to make a great first impression with potential clients. We only have one first impression and often it is not face-to-face. The online world makes it even more difficult when the first impressions are based on your appearance in a tiny square so it should speak volumes about you…

Headshot image photography by petra

save time?

Posting on social media requires heaps of visual and written content at your disposal. Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to search stock photos websites for the perfect image every time you need one…

Hey! I'm petra

Headshot & Personal Branding Photographer in Essex

As a business owner myself, I understand the importance of quality, professional photographs of you as the person behind your brand or the product you offer.

My role as a photographer is to learn the heart and soul of your business and create inspiring images that will captivate your audience. 

How can I help you?

'The dream would be to have on-brand, flattering images without cheesy, awkward posing; images that help me get seen and reflect the vision for my business.'

personal branding

I want you to own images that give the sense of who you are, have lasting impact on you and your audience, evoke emotions and perfectly portray what it’s like working with you.

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Having new content to promote your business that shows your clients that you are moving with the times, investing in your brand’s image throughout the year. Many of my clients have regular sessions that provide them with seasonal content to share with their followers.

Monthly | Bi-monthly | Quarterly

But you are not keen on having photographs taken…

You are not alone! Most of us don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera. We often don’t feel we are photogenic enough, slim enough, confident enough, good enough…

But you also know how amazing it feels to have a great selection of photos that you can use to represent your brand at the drop of the hat and also how important images of you are for your business – people buy from people – show them who you are and what you offer; show them how they can work with you and envisage them right there with you.

I will be on hand throughout the process, from the initial no-obligation discovery call through guidance on how to prepare for your branding shoot. I ensure you feel comfortable on the day and help you beyond with a guide on how best use your images from your photoshoot.

Just imagine that you may even enjoy the experience!

ear plugs product photography by petra


Professional photography that means business. Your product deserves to look their best as well. Good product photography can help your products stand out online or in print to potential buyers or wholesalers. 


Incorporating video into your marketing campaigns is an effective marketing tactic that has a valid place in your strategy.

This can be added on to your photoshoot or on its own.

Have a question?

We can arrange a no-obligation call to talk about dreams for the photos, the challenges you’re facing right now and the way I see I could help you with and pretty much all things business.

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