First I planned to go home for May half term and do this newborn shoot for my sister’s second baby but somehow life got in the way and perhaps it wasn’t meant to be as I would miss his birth anyway.

So here I am and Damian is 8 weeks old now. Knowing my sister actually had a newborn session done by a local photographer was a big relief and less pressure on me to create those dreamy photos, as at 8 weeks old babies don’t tend to be so sleepy and accepting repositioning so easily.

The temperature outside was reaching nearly 40C so there was certainly no need for a fan and the hot weather for sure helped to keep him sleeping most of the time.

The focus of this shoot was capturing siblings together. He is already smiling a lot and holds long eye contact so it was lovely to capture him holding onto Sabina, smiling. I love shooting against the light as it gives the photo lovely, almost 3D effect with gorge depth of field (also known as bokeh) so there are lovely impromptu photos from when we first met. The sleepy and more posed ones were done on another day.

I am happy that I could take those (as I have done for Sabina when she was around 3 months old) and I can already see how different these two are personalities-wise 😉

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