A photo Scrapbook project with kids

Hope you are doing OK! 

When the homeschooling was looming upon us only a week ago, I pledged to not be rigid with routine and learning for hours and hours. Instead, I wanted to grab the opportunity to revisit all toys that are forgotten in our cupboards, do some home experiments in honour of science lessons, play timetables snap and encourage any new interests they find on their way (amongst other DIY and spring cleaning having extra helpers in the house). We have some way to go yet…
When the current restrictions happened, we talked about documenting our life together in these extraordinary circumstances, but sometimes even a great idea doesn’t go far without prompts, structure and efforts and I didn’t do very much about it the past week. In fact, I found that there is so much resources and things to do right now, that I questioned whether to add anything else out there.
Yesterday was different. We ventured out together after 5 days in isolation – read forever! I was so amused watching the kids climbing trees in the woods and playing in the mud. Sad to admit that walks like these would be usually more efforts from me and my husband, arguments between the kids and more moaning because they were bored and so we would usually retire to the same old playground, leaving the adventure behind. But not yesterday…
I don’t take the camera for our outings often, but I needed a pick-me-up, plus I have new lens to play with and so I did. Some great photos were captured, by me, Max & Ivy. It was so great to engage with them in something that I do and after some thinking and debating if they would like to commit to a project, I put together a simple idea for them to document, what they would like to remember from their daily lives for next 6 weeks to share with their teachers, friends and have for themselves forever to remember this time that the world stopped for us and we found ourselves living together 24/7 (btw so far I quite enjoy having them all around).

And from that, Photo Scrapbook project was born! We could have refined the name but done is better than perfect right now.
Each week I will offer a theme/prompt to work on that week. You/children can take it or leave it, they may have different ideas or want to add to my ideas. Anything goes, it’s your scrapbook! 
What do I need you ask?
A notebook/scrapbook, 
a phone, tablet or any camera will do,
printer (if you don’t have one, create a collage on your phone or computer and have it printed online when you finish).

Week 1

Who lives in our house?


Create a series of individual portraits of each member of your household.


For extra challenge -> 

Can you tell a story about your subject with your photograph?


If you like telling/writing stories, maybe write a little story about them, like their name, age, what they are doing in the photo, their fav food and other interesting things about them. And perhaps you like drawing and using stickers as well. Can you draw or make a collage with some of their favourite things? 


Why not create group photos too?


You can use as many pages as you like.



Did you know?


Storytelling photograph is an image that captures a story without using motion pictures or words. This type of photography is called documentary.

Interesting fact: A movie has on average 24 frames per second, therefore a 90-minute film would have 129600 frames to tell a story. 

With photograph, you have 1 frame to spark viewer’s imagination, emotion and interest so the most important component in documentary type of images is setting the scene. This means that including more of the surroundings that your subject is placed in will give us more clue who they are, what they are doing and who they are with and therefore tells us a story about what's happening.

http://photographybypetra.co.uk/2020/04/05/a-photo-scrapbook-project-week2/I really hope this project will guide you well in exploring your surroundings with your little people, sparking conversation about each other and I absolutely look forward hearing from you. You can tag me on social media as @PhotographybyPetra or use #creatingscrapbooktogether.

Lots of love and patience,
Petra xx

PS: Bentley (our cav) is already 10 years old so usually acts like a teenager, dragging him out for walks. He accidentally slipped in the mud today and this was his way to shake it off 😉 Safe to say, he slept whole afternoon!

(Link to Week 2 prompt is here.)

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