What's the difference between Lifestyle Family photoshoot and mini photoshoot?

So, you’ve decided it’s finally time to capture those precious family moments in photographs. You know the style you like but that’s it. You’ve browsed through your friends’ family photos, checked out various photographers on social media, but now you’re a bit overwhelmed with options. And there is also possibility of seasonal mini sessions – but what’s the difference?

Let me start with the basics.

Mother sitting with her baby girl on her lap whilst facing her 2 small boys with net on their shoulders. The image is hazy with pinks and browns from high grass

Duration of the photoshoot

Lifestyle Family Photoshoots: Think of these as your leisurely afternoon strolls. They typically last 1-2 hours, allowing enough time to get comfortable with the camera in close proximity but also time for the photographer to observe the dynamics, gestures, subtle interactions and moments of connection, so the images capture a genuine essence of kids and/with family, creating a unique gallery of images.

Mini Photoshoots: Short, sweet, and efficient! You could think of minis as a re-fresh or an update of your family photos. Also known as a taster sessions, they are open to a wider audience and often as an introduction to a photographer. Taking around 20-30 minutes, these sessions are perfect for busy bees. We focus on capturing more impromptu moments or grouping whether it’s during the cozy autumn season or a special occasion like Mother’s Day.

Black and white photograph of grandparents with five grandchildren various ages standing in the row by big tree laughing at the 2 year old granddaughter sitting on grandad's shoulders covering his head with her dress

Number of images and personalisation

Lifestyle Family Photoshoots: It’s all about variety here – from gently prompted group shots to beautiful candid images. We will tailor your photoshoot to your specific needs and desires. Normally, it covers various group combinations (e.g., whole family, each parent with children, individual portraits, siblings, parents together) – all expressed in a pre-session consultation or questionnaire. There is an option to extend your session to other members of your family like grandparents or siblings for small fee. I often think of these as a gift that keeps on giving to everyone involved.

Mini Photoshoots: With a shorter timeframe, we keep it simple. While the selection of images may be smaller, these sessions offer a snapshot of your family’s as it is now, perfect to capture different ages/stages/milestones. These sessions usually take place on specific dates and locations.

Small boy with blond curly hair, wearing green jumper and brown dungarees, is looking up to the camera

Price of your photoshoot

Lifestyle Family Photoshoots: Choose from a range of digital collections and products to suit your budget and preferences. It’s all about flexibility – It varies from photographer to photographer however I can tell you how they differ in my work. My family photoshoots pricing is split into 2 sections: a session fee that includes time, travel and skills and digital collections and products to suits different budgets and wants. I go by ‘You only buy what you love’ after seeing your images from a comfort of your own home.

Mini Photoshoots: These budget-friendly packages include both the session fee and a set of images or special tangible product, making it easy to capture memories without breaking the bank.

Black and white image of mother looking at her three daughters who look at the camera

Why to go all in and choose a full family photoshoot?

Family photoshoot is a great opportunity to get together as a family, to slow down and actually be fully present – you already blocked the time in your diary, made it to your location. It’s a time when you can immerse yourself in a play and enjoy the small moments with your little people, witness it and feel it – all amongst the chaos of kids being allowed to be kids. By embracing the presence as it is, you allow for capturing emotive images that portray your family dynamics. Every session is different but what they share is still, in years to come, these photos will evoke those feelings, memories and stories from the day. These are much slower paced, allowing time for breaks and snack when needed. These are ideal for families who need more time to warm up to a stranger or have children with additional needs. If golden light or you have a favourite location in mind, then this is the relaxed family photo session that you need to pick.

Mother and her two sons squatting by the sea throwing pebbles in the water

Why would you choose mini photoshoot?

Test the waters. These sessions are perfect for you who have never had a family photoshoot before or if you or your partner is apprehensive about the camera. Maybe you feel that your children’s attention span is limited and these feel just the perfect “in, have fun and out” solutions for your family. And although these sessions are faster paced due often being booked back to back, they still allow for capturing spontaneity and genuine moments. There is always enough time to lean into the fun element even if children feel shy at first – those cuddly moments are just what I’m looking for to capture. Because they are quick and convenient, they are perfect to document your family’s milestones and development regularly that won’t break the bank.

Mother and small daughter laughing together squatting down, their hair wet from the light rain

Whether you opt for a leisurely family session or a quick and convenient mini photoshoot, I will capture images of your family that will bring a smile to your face and warm your heart for years to come.

Ready to capture some memories together?

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Dad throwing a small child in the air facing and smiling at each other with bluebells in the background