5 reasons why choose newborn photoshoot at home

If you are expecting a baby, you are probably already thinking about capturing some newborn photos once baby arrives – you wouldn’t be here otherwise! Just a quick search online and you will be presented with a variety of styles of newborn photography – from documentary all the way to fine art portraiture. It all comes down to a personal choice. To help you along the way, here are some reasons why you may choose a lifestyle newborn session at home. Ultimately you have to decide which will fit your family needs best.


These photographs will have real memories attached to a place where you and your family live and grow together.

Your home is the embodiment of love, comfort and connection. What better place to capture your memories than in environment you live in everyday? Imagine looking back at these photos and see your child’s first home and all the love that surrounded them. You will always remember it. Usually the main concerns families have are their house not being perfect. If that’s something that you know would bother you, I can assure you, that simply making a bed and tidying the surfaces will be enough to give your images a sense of space. Also, a skilled photographer can take beautiful images in any setting – it’s all about composition. From my experience, main bedroom, living room and possibly a nursery (if you have one ready), are the most used spaces in at-home newborn photoshoots. If weather permits, garden offers a beautiful background worth considering too.


The most appealing factor of in-home session is staying in the comfort of your own home, no travel, no packing for all eventualities and having everything on hand whenever you need it. Having photographer come to your doorstep is much simpler and less overwhelming: they have all they need (natural light) and you have all you need.


In short, the timeline of lifestyle photoshoot is more flexible than ‘portrait studio session’ and can easily fit around your daily life, routine but also older siblings.

That being said, give a little more thought to what you want to capture. There are stages of their newness and the opportunities for picture will change over the first 6 weeks. The first couple of weeks are definitely my recommendation, as it’s a very unique time that often seems like a bit of blur in midst of sleep deprivation, adjusting and learning new routines and discovering your baby’s likes and dislikes. Their sleepiness means that we can get our photos without much disturbing their dreams whereas couple of weeks on, they may be little more fussy over being moved around.

Your baby changes so much – from sleepy and curled-up at the beginning to more alert and stretching whilst they snooze in latter parts of the 6 weeks window. The advantage of lifestyle photoshoot is that there are no rules to abide to. If unexpected circumstances mean that the photoshoot doesn’t happen in first couple of weeks, it really doesn’t matter. Yes, there will be difference between images taken at 2 days, 2 weeks or 2 months new, but that’s true for each baby anyway.


Photographing your newborn at home is wonderful for older siblings too; especially if you know that they could find it bit overwhelming in the studio. As a mum of 3, I know exactly how important it is to get a beautiful photo that encompasses the love, the wonder and excitement your older children feel for the baby they waited so long to meet. Being in their own environment can make them feel safe and in control.

At home, they have the freedom to go to their own space if they need quiet time or just when they get bit bored whilst baby is feeding. Often I’d ask if I could see what they are up to and capture some photos in their own room. It’s important to me that they don’t feel left out and they are part of this photoshoot as much as the new baby. In return, I hope they see me as a friend, someone who has their best interest in mind. Often, siblings (age dependant) like to be involved as much as possible but if not, this helps when they find it all too tricky.

Also, let’s not forget pets. Sometimes it could be impossible/difficult/selfish to bring a pet to a photoshoot but you really wish to include them in your photos. This is the perfect scenario.


Although I think of my photography style as natural and baby led across both types of photoshoots, there is a distinctive difference between ‘Portrait’ and ‘At home/Lifestyle’ newborn session. Foremost, posing.  We are not trying to pose your baby in any elaborate poses. I often think of at-home session as ‘Welcoming your baby into your family home’ and you – the family, are so important in those images. There will always be a space for baby’s photos but from my experience it’s the photographs that show interaction and connection, enjoying them, as they are that people come back to time and time again. Lifestyle also doesn’t mean documentary. I will be on hand to guide you into better light or space and leave you to make it your own. No need to worry about perfect hands’ position, this is real life, here and now. Let’s embrace the snuggles on the sofa, feeling happy and proud of your tiny person. 

The reason of having your family photographs taken is for the memories they contain and their ability to take you straight back to those moments and feelings you had at that time. Consider Lifestyle newborn photoshoot as a space to just be yourself with no expectations to do anything else but enjoying the moments with your family and your new baby. Forget the photographer in your house!

Remember, these photos are for you and for your baby to look back on as you grow. Let the photographer do their thing with finding light, angles and creativity. There are no set-ups to distract or poses that make you feel uncomfortable. As a photographer, my role is to guide you and get the best out of the time we have together.

Lastly, this is a little nudge to have fun and enjoy the moments with your family even if you are not very keen to having photos taken. This simple change of perspective will result in meaningful pictures you will love for many years to come.

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