Some exciting things are happening behind the scenes and I would love to share the news with you!


From September I will be offering a new service – Lifestyle newborn photography. FRESH. CANDID. TIMELESS.


It was a while coming and as for all my photography ventures, it comes from my “needs” or “wants”, whether is a new challenge or just curiosity to try something new.

I would be the first to admit that I am a bit of control freak (in a good way btw lol) and strive for perfection in my photography, if baby allows me I will get the shot right! With our third baby’s arrival (now this is a year ago!) we opted to hire a reportage style photographer because my children are SO DIFFICULT to capture!! I am not even joking, it takes skills, I tell you.

Anyway, we adore them! In retrospect I wish I was a bit more relaxed about the shoot (I guess I have certain expectations as it is my profession) however I feel so apprehensive of the result that it is difficult to enjoy it (hence my children act the way they do but that’s for another blog). It wasn’t an easy shoot either, we had 2 sets of grandparents involved and it’s lots of people to manage plus my expectations lol…. BUT I could see that everyone around me responded so well, especially my mum who can be so stiff when camera turns her way!


With that in mind, I wanted to incorporate reportage style within my newborn photography but stay true to myself (always) and allow a hint of portraiture (that’s what I do and love) and offer something bit more unique and fresh. So I am on my way on yet another venture J That said, I am still doing my dreamy newborn style photos and I have some new things coming up in that style soon so watch the space too!


Little bit more about how it works and what’s involved…


This photoshoot takes 2 hours and it’s all about capturing you and your baby in your own surroundings where you feel the most comfortable and safe, capturing all the little expressions you want to look at all day long (I did anyway), feeding, rocking, settling, cuddling and just be, all captured in beautiful selection of images.


Also I will be bringing my mini set with me (beanbag, selection of wraps and blankets) to capture some beautiful portraits of your baby (sleepy or awake) as I would normally in my usual newborn photoshoot but there is no pressure on baby sleeping, therefor no stress on parents part either.


Preferably this session is suitable from 5 days old and ideally done within 2 weeks of baby’s arrival however few weeks older babies would be perfect also so I am open to offer this to upto 2 months old babies (for lifestyle children or family photoshoots please refer to Lifestyle on my home page).


If this resonates with you and would like to know more, I would love to send you my Newborn Welcome Guide with more information about my newborn services, to share more about the experience and what your investments includes. Please get in touch via my facebook page @photographybypetra or email me on


Test shoot is done and here is an album of 4 days old Beatrice <3 Claire & Adam, thank you so much for making me so welcome in your home!


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