This newborn shoot with 16 days old Jude and his big sis and bro was really fun, say the least!

Just like any other session, babies wee and poo anywhere as there is no nappy to catch it, however this time it was recorded and I am so glad it did! Because I DO expect this to happen at least once, I had a baby pooing in my hand with every repositioning (I have wipes on hand ALWAYS!) but parents often apologize (more than once) and I just wanted to say that there is no need to! I know it will happen and I am ready for it 😉

If you are interested in having your new baby photographed, please message me and I will send you my Newborn Welcome Guide with information on what to expect or email me here.

I am including link to the video here (in case you are curious what has happened) and no, there is no photo from that pose, Jude didn’t feel like continuing. So I am grateful at least that it was the last shot 🙂 But the fun continues and there is also a T for sale now. Find it here 😉