Commercial photography

Hadleigh Country Park

Every commercial shoot starts with a brief, however simple.

Who are you?

What do you do?

What vibe/feel do you want to evoke through the images?

Bouncing off ideas is a crucial part of the process, getting to know your business and who you are as a person so your images reflect your personality and your business values.

Great deal of thought goes into location. What do you write about? Where do you work? What inspires you? If you work in workshop/office/home, some of the photoshoot could take place in your workspace, so your followers/viewers/clients can get to know you better and also where they are purchasing from, the processes you go through to produce your product/class/workshops ….

The face behind the brand – whether you are one man band or you have team behind your business, your clients want to know who they are dealing with, it’s personal 😉

Above all, be clear on your needs, having a photoshoot doesn’t need to be a complicated process, start small and build on with larger requests, just like any relationship it needs good communication and honest expectations from each party.

You can find more information on commercial photoshoots on Personal Branding page.

This is Gemma from Hiddengemholistic who offers a truly unique and effective approach to health and healing through Reiki, holistic therapies and naturopathy, EFT and counselling.

It was so great working with her, here are some of her images.