Lifestyle 3 generation photoshoot

Hadleigh Castle

Today is my daughter’s birthday and I was looking for some images of her to post and I think there are some here worth her personality but it wasnt that spontaneous at all!

I think the most disorganized and chaotic photoshoots are of my own family. I am not kidding! My clients want me there, yet my family would rather not have the camera in sight. They love the result but the journey is another matter. We always have limited time for these because my parents usually come only once a year and ‘the next day’ is usually the answer to my demands of ‘a picture’ and before we know it they are going home. So last summer I decided that we all go to Hadleigh castle with a view to take some no-pressure photos of them all and actually it was rather pleasant.

It’s not always easy to coordinate everyone in one place at the same time, especially when family is not local. But when you do, it can be so rewarding like a gift that keeps on giving! I made a calendar from these photos, kind of half a year later (that’s about right for my personal stuff, I am much more time conscious with client’s work!) but they absolutely loved it and they keep loving it every week they turn the page over! And so they tell me!

And I think that’s the point I keep going on about, that if photos are not seen – whether it’s on the walls or other everyday places like mugs, calendars even keyrings – then they will be forgotten about and even lost in old broken devices and laptops that don’t work anymore. So, if you make that effort to create some photos of your family whether it’s a selfie, self portrait or having a photographer to capture those for you, put them up where you see them and that way they will be cherished even more! Love, Petra x