'Grow with me' collection

Your baby’s life is full of exciting milestones and changes and this is an easy way to capture a year of memories for your baby.

“I don’t remember him being this small!”

As a parent myself, I can’t tell you enough how fast they grow but also how much this sentence resonates with me and also my clients. And although some phases we kind of wish away (those sleepless nights or hurting teeth), there are times that we can’t get enough of their curiosity and joy and we feel like we want to stop the time and soak up all the cuteness.

It seems like the baby stage lasts forever, but trust me, time flies by. I can’t believe I have a 9-year old!

What’s included?

All three milestone photoshoots can take place in my home studio or on location (including your home) and will include variety of images of your baby, as well as images of you as a family.

You will receive an online gallery to choose your photos in comfort of your own home and you will receive your chosen images as a high resolution digital images as well as standard 7×5” prints as a keepsake PLUS a beautiful custom made album with Package B.

The first baby session (around 3-4 months old) will take place when your baby is still very small, already smiling and mostly laying down and having fun on their tummy.

By the second session (7-9 months old), your baby might be sitting up, reaching and starting to explore the world around them. It can take place indoors or you may consider to go outside, step into nature around us and let your baby explore its wonders. 

The third stage (1 year old) is the biggest change you will see in your baby. They are very curious and cheeky and most probably on the move, be it crawling or walking and toddlerhood is well on its way.  This stage can be captured by celebrating with a cake in your home or as a simple get-together in/outdoors with balloon or picnic. Only immediate family members are welcome to join in these milestone photoshoots.

Over time I have captured babies of all stages and there were so many special moments documented. These sessions are relaxed and fun for the whole family.

If you would like to capture the miraculous year of your baby and your growing family, this collection is perfect way to document it without the stress of remembering to book each stage. I’d like to help you to create photos you will be proud to share with your children in years to come.

To inquire about packages, please get in touch here.