Lifestyle photography

Capturing new love, connection and growing bond between you and your new baby.

In-home lifestyle photoshoot blending documentary and portrait photography to capture your story.

My heart sang when I unexpectedly got the opportunity to create something I wanted for quite a while. I have done many lifestyle shoots before, my mother/fatherhood packages, some families, even newborn sessions however I wanted to add something new to the mix, something that created a depth to the story.

I am totally a photographer at heart, I wouldn’t even dream of classing myself a videographer but adding a video to the mix felt too appealing to miss so I decided I will become a video clips maker to emphasise the still photos. They are just short clips but the effect when they are bonded with photographs is just… heartwarming, gives you goosebumps of the thought not to remember these and make it so so real!

Roberts Family

It was such a pleasure to meet this family in their home. I was greeted with overexcited puppy and quite excited toddler who didn’t waste much time to show me his fav toys. We decided to shoot mainly in the master bedroom because it was the lightest room in the house.

There were fun times, quiet moments and all the ‘normal’ everyday bits but these moments felt so precious, consciously getting together as a family, enjoying the present moments and giving full attention to each other…

Here is the sample movie, set to the music from bensound.