What is so special about Cake smash sessions you ask?

1. Celebrating your baby’s 1st birthday and preserving memories of this important milestone

2. Documenting the greatest achievement of keeping your tiny human alive and keeping yourself sane (most of times) for exactly 365 days!! (just joking but really…)

Jokes aside, I always strive to give my sessions little more than expected from the name and I guess I always think of me as a client and what I would like to get. So, my ‘Cake smash’ session starts with a portrait, on their own or with family/siblings, we can use props or not. Then we move onto a cake, we choose decorations, lit the candle and start eating or not! We encourage, show how, have fun, lick fingers and use wooden spoon too if mess is not the ideal play for the littlest. It’s messy and sometimes parents are messier than littlens, mainly from all the picking up and returning them from their wanders around (so be sure to get change of clothes if you have plans for afterwards).

Bath is always fun! I think there was no child as yet who would not enjoy it. It’s nice and warm, we can use bath bubbles if you wanted to (provided by clients) and blow some bubbles too! Some splash like mad, some just enjoy relaxing moments, some like to climb around – all is good! We like to see individuality and that’s why all sessions are different.

I must add a little confession here. Not always I offered them and having 2 children who I didn’t do a cake smash for, i thought they were too cheesy and over the top. However it doesn’t have to be, so I photographed my third baby’s 1st birthday and included his older siblings to have some fun too. They can be simple, some clients don’t involve cake or bath and provide for their birthday girl or boy some lovely outfit, birthday hat or crown for that matter and let me capture the moments they enjoy with few of their new/old toys, props (I can tell some stories about my wooden horse!).

I have few new ideas up my sleeve, just waiting for 2 birthday boys to have their turn and I am sure I will share their special moments with you!

Today’s gallery is of Syanna’s birthday session (pictures are shown as the session evolved). Taken at my home studio in Leigh on Sea, this session was little slow at the beginning, because we all know that not all little ones like new places, are inquisitive and happy in any environment and for Syanna, mummy’s lap was a safe place to be. And the best part is, that is ok. I am not in rush, parents usually don’t plan any major event straight after either, therefore no stress 😉

It took little while to warm up but once we found that interesting “something” to play with, soon she was happy to sit by herself! She was funny, I mean, I laugh a lot at these sessions, but she is one of a million! Her expressions and the pouting were priceless! She wasn’t impressed by her cake at all but with little nudge she was happy to eat some but wait for it…. the bath time! Imagine water everywhere, walls, floor, sofa, mum… she splashed like there was no tomorrow and it was so amazing to watch! She was amazing, funny and by the time she was dressed, she was asleep! Win-win 🙂

If your little one is approaching their 1st birthday and would like to document their milestone and add some pictures to funky birthday invites, then contact me here. For gallery and fees please click here.