Lifestyle family photoshoot in the woods

Belfairs Woods, Leigh on Sea

I love the winter time, I love how it slows us down and gives us the opportunities to reflect and hibernate a little 😉 although it can feel quite resistant at times.

I believe there is no “good” time to document our lives, all stages, all cycles have their importance, the good, the bad, the challenging. I often create a selfportrait of my family and the purpose is always the same – documenting memories that would be far forgotten.

I had quite a few families this winter braving the cold weather and believe me it was so so cold on this day (hello bad circulation!) but with this particular family we rebooked about 3 times due to a rainy weather on every Saturday and they were ready to have fun regardless! 

We met at Belfairs woods and just took a short stroll around the golf greens, no intense pressure on what they are going to do, no plans, just what felt like doing in the moment. They played tug of war, threw some leaves (more like at each other), looking out for squirrels, chasing and racing and one hour passed in no time! We celebrated, twirled and said goodbye. 

And that reminded me a very interesting conversation with my lovely friend about having photos done in the winter I decided to show you maybe a different perspective 😉

1.    We will be freezing and kids will have tantrums – I hear you however if you are having fun,  moving about, interacting and connecting you sure to be warm with all the love around you. Kids will have the most amazing time with you because the attention is on them and vice versa! On more practical point, it is all about layers, you don’t have to put your big puffy coats on if you layer underneath your chunky knit or funky raincoat, you are good to go!

2.    Unposed? – yeap for sure but it takes bit of work too. Lifestyle for many means capturing memories without any interruptions but let’s be honest, you cant capture those moments if the kids are on the other side of the woods. So what im trying to say is that capturing those images that we so long for, takes little bit of patience, pinch of curiosity, lots of fun, loads more energy, little bit of silliness and most of all enjoying that moment of togetherness  😉

3.    Mum & Dad photos – awkward? Oh so important!!! Just “dance like noone’s watching” is my advice! 

4.    “Should we be looking at you?” – well if I interest you more (only joking!). I do interfere every so often (mostly to move on so we get variety of images) and of course there is a place for a portrait of you all together but for most of the time I am really happy to just watch you being happy together.

5.    The simplest things bring the greatest joy – you don’t need a big milestone, round celebration or anniversary to have your family/couple/children/3 generations  photos taken. We sometimes view our lives  messy, chaotic, loud, waiting for the next stage, for warmer weather, to get slimmer, for children to sit, to walk and all other bunch of things but you want to look back and we see your life for what it really was, quite extraordinary and that’s definitely something we all want to remember and pass on! 

And if you still can’t think of anything worse than being in a cold and windy weather, I can always document your lazy winter days in your home, with a fire going, blankets on hand and tea in hands 🙂

Message me with your ideas 🙂 or book with this link here!