Newborn photography

Leigh on Sea

It’s the small everyday moments we want to remember in years to come and we think we will remember everything, but it will become a vague memory if not forgotten; from their gestures to the way they played, sounded, hugged, the little details like chubby toes and bed hair, obsession with certain toys/objects and their natural curiosity. A lifestyle photoshoot documents your life from my point of view; I am the observer and you just do what you do. And this is what happened then..

It was a beautiful day, a beautiful family, a toddler who just woke from a nap, baby just about ready to feed – perfect timing for some memory making 🙂

As it was so warm, we opted to have the majority of the photoshoot outside and found some shaded area in the garden as the sun would create harsh shadows on their faces. Then we went for some story time indoors. You may think, yeap, that’s me everyday but I see it as capturing a little snippets of ones day and creating a slideshow of extraordinary moments that shows how you love and how much you are loved. Some of the photographes will never make it on display and that’s ok because I believe there should be a box of memories in every household to look through and remembering.

Thank you for having me <3 and here is a snippet of what we got…

PS: If you would like to document your new family in your own way, this photoshoot may be just what you want. There is an option of adding video to your session. All info here.